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Diamond Color

The colour of a diamond is an integral part in evaluating the price of a diamond. As diamonds were formed through billions of years, gasses and other elements left traces of yellow or brown hues in diamonds. The less the colour of a diamond, the more valuable it is. Besides the common brown and yellow tints, diamonds are also found in almost all colours of the rainbow. The red being the rarest, other colours like pink, blue, green and orange are also very rare.

The highest grade for a diamond with absolutely no trace of colour is “D”. This followed by “E” and “F” which is also nearly colourless. Grades are assigned in alphabetical order all the way to “Z”. The more traces of yellow or brown the diamonds have, the lower it is denoted in the alphabetical order.


Some diamonds contain Fluorescence. This is when the diamond emits a soft colored glow when held under an ultraviolet light. Fluorescence is a natural occurrence that does not affect the diamond in natural light.