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Sometimes referred to as the 5th C of a diamond, Certification or Diamond Grading Report is as important as any of the 4 C’s while making your loose diamond purchase. The reports are prepared by authorised independent laboratories or certified gemologists around the world who appraise the cut, colour, carat and clarity of the diamond.

A certificate will include a plotted diagram of the diamond depicting the inclusions and their position. It will also include detailed information on the shape, measurements, proportions, polish and symmetry. It will also comment on characteristics like fluorescence or any other imperfections in the diamond.

The best way to understand your certificate is to ask us. We will explain to you each part of the certificate in detail along with visually examining your diamond with you. Certifying a diamond is scientific but a physical examination by us will help you understand what your certificate really means.

Please note that though no certificate appraises the monetary value of a diamond, but it is essential to ask for a certificate as it assures you of the authenticity and quality of your diamond.

Diagram of a GII certificate
Diagram of an IGI certificate
Diagram of a GIA certificate